Come Get Rocking with Heavy Metal Mania

Are you ready to bang it out with some heavy metal? Are you sure you are ready and know how to? Whatever your skill with heavy metal is, come hang out with our awesome Heavy Metal instructors, Samantha and Richard, and get further into the banging and bending.

In this exciting week-long metal adventure, you will get to play with two different types of metal and make some awesome stuff. You will get to learn piercing, sinking a bowl, cutting and hammering copper, changing metal with heat and chemicals, and sand-casting bronze. At the end of the week, you will have multiple of your own hand-made objects to take with you. To get out the shop, there will swimming and games throughout the days and a field trip to Danforth Pewter, Vermont’s very own metal shop!

Not enticed yet? Did you know that the Greek gods had their own metal worker, who created all their armor and weapons? He was named Hephaestus and was one of the most important gods in the Greek Pantheon. You can learn those same skills and be just as cool. So, bring your strength and energy and creativity and come join us for a fun week of Heavy Metal Mania!


Wooden Boat Building

Do you like spending time on the water? Maybe you like fishing or just paddling on streams, rivers, and lakes where you live? Have you ever imagined building your own wooden boat to have and enjoy? This summer you can do that at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in our Wooden Boat Building class!

This is an active, hands-on opportunity for you to build and keep a 15′ long canoe.  You will assemble it yourself, using hand and power tools like planes, drills and sanders.
All materials are provided. At the end of the week it will be painted and ready to launch. In the process you’ll develop life-long skills, and come away with your own boat–a real freedom machine.

Simple flat-bottomed boats have been used in Vermont for generations to fish, hunt, and explore. They are the prefect size for one person and move easily and quietly through reed and rushes, using a paddle or a pole. Not onlyare they useful and convenient, they are easy to build! If you are in eighth grade or older, you can quickly learn to create a simple, elegant boat of your own.

Once the boats are finished, the group will explore the lake with them. We’ll learn about lake science and about some of the physics of boats! There is nothing like the feeling of an adventure in a boat you built yourself. People will be amazed and you will be proud to say “I built this!”

We recently caught up with Richard Butz, one of the museum volunteers who will be leading this course.  He says, “I’ve done this for more than twenty years, watching kids grow through the process.  There is a lot of self-esteem and confidence building along with boat building.”

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Beginner’s Boating Skills

Calling all boaters! Calling all boaters! Calling all boaters! Are you prepared for sailing through a gale? Are you comfortable with docking between other boats? Do you know what the navigation markers mean? What do you do in a man-overboard situation? Do you know how to safely get in and out of a canoe? Are you prepared for all occasions when going out on the lake?

Whether you answered yes or no to these questions there is always more to learn. So grab your PFDs, grab your sunglasses, grab your hats, grab your sunscreen, grab your paddle, grab your oars, and join LCMM staff in an Beginner’s Boating Skills Camp!

During this camp, you will get to paddle, sail, row, and drive the many different boats in LCMM’s fleet. We have everything from canoes to pilot gigs to small motor boats. Test your skills docking all these boats and maneuvering around different obstacles and other boaters on the lake. Our excellent staff, headed by Jeff Hindes, will guide you through the answers to questions above and more! Matt Witten, our sailing led, says “this is a once-in-lifetime opportunity to learn how to handle a variety of boats with master captain Jeff Hindes and other LCMM instructors. Nowhere else in our region can you get an equivalent immersion in rowing, paddling, and sailing traditional vessels, as well as getting lots of hours in using power boats. If you want to be competent out on the water in a wide range of situations, this is the experience for you!” At the end of the camp, you can receive your VT Boater’s Card and get out on the lake all summer!

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